Category: Paypal
This includes full investigation service whilst outside. Price excludes flights airport parking and transfers. Report can take up to 14 days to finalise.
10 hour block booking
Reference: RBC1
Category: Paypal
10 working hours block booked in advance. includes vehicle tracking if required and any 4k Images. The report for this can take up to 3 days to produce.
Category: PaypalData Search
Background check into a person to see if they have any CCJs against their name, insolvent and any property / businesses owned.
Reference: CF4
Category: Paypal
1 charge will provide a report confirming that the details provided are not legitimate, and that catfishing has taken place. Report can take up to three days
Variations Available: Catfish
Investigation Work
Reference: DIP
Category: Paypal
3 hours advanced payment for worl
Category: Paypal
Personal Background Check - We will require Full name address and date of birth
Reference: TE400
Category: Paypal
Vehicle tracking for 7 days.- In some circumstances client may be permitted 24 hour access to the tracker information and also be alerted if the vehicle moves into or out of an area they shouldn't.