Sadly, people cheat. Cheating and lying sadly go hand in hand.   We will work with you to get the evidence you need. Will my partner know? Not from us, we maintain strict confidentiality at all times.  We understand the importance of what this means to you. We will go the extra mile to get the truth. 


Some tell tale signs:


1. They are taking extra care in their appearance, hygiene or grooming.

2. They are working late at work more often and making excuses to "nip out" or suddenly there are weekend conferences.

3. They tell you that you are being paranoid!


4.Cheating men want less sex, cheating women want more!


Now you have got this far, take control and call us for a free quote. no obligation, non judgemental.  100% confidential. 


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The truth is sometimes hard to find but we will do our very best to achieve this. 


There is no such thing as a happy ending to an affair, but be mindful that they may be totally innocent.

It`s one thing to catch out a cheating partner, but it is another to prove this through a court.    We will provide a bespoke service and a full report that will be "court ready" for you.

If you just want photographs, we can do this too.  We can advise the best course depending on your budget.  The more information you can give us the cheaper the cost. Prices start at £700.00 fully inclusive. 

Vehicle Tracking of Cheating Spouse


This is the cheapest (and very popular) option for fast accurate results.  A tracking device is put onto the subjects vehicle and every time the vehicle moves, their whereabouts is recorded. 100% Legal, 100% reliable Prices start at £500 per day (24 hours)