Dementia and Confused Clients 


This is a brand new exclusive and exciting service offered by Rapid PI and we are really proud to be able to offer this solution to clients and families with dementia.


Dementia is a broad term for any brain diseases that cause a long-term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember that is great enough to affect a person's daily functioning.  


One serious issue problem with dementia is "wandering".  When a person with dementia is experiencing confusion an memory loss, they can and do, forget where they live, and go for a walk and get lost.


We offer a unique service where a client can monitor a relative and immediately be alerted if they get lost or start to walk from a property boundary.


This is a unique and specialised service with limited numbers available. Prices start at £200.00 with a small monthly fee. 


The best part is as a relative or a carer, you will be able to know where a person is at any time of day or night. Therefore you have security and the client has independence.


100% confidential.



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Vulnerable Person


If you believe a vulnerable person is being targeted then we can act fast to capture the evidence required to kick-start a Police investigation.  No vulnerable person should have to suffer.  We treat these cases as priority and will assist you in getting answers.  We have many options at our disposal and will provide you with cost effective solution.

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