Help after getting Private Investigator Evidence.


As a PI company, the number of clients who are male victims of abuse is staggering.   We want everyone to know that your gender makes no difference to us.  We always listen and will do our best to help.  Advise lines are listed below. Once we have given you the evidence you need please have someone with you for support when you put the evidence to them.

People never like being found out as being a cheat, liar or fraudster.   It is very common for clients to faced with abuse when confronting a liar with out evidence.   If you feel threatened contact the police immediately. All our work is 100% legal but for a cheat or liar its 100% irritating and they can become violent.  Males suffer violent abuse as much as females. if you feel threatened please dial 999. Employing a Private Investigator to get the truth is not a crime, being abused because of it is!.