Covert Surveillance.


We specialise in covert surveillance to uncover the truth.   Unfaithful partners is sadly commonplace these days.  We provide discrete professional operatives to track and provide high quality reports on individuals activities.  We take commisions from people of all walks of life and take each case very seriously.

Our aim is to provide a rapid detailed report with photographic / video evidence which would be submissible in a UK court.  We are also very sympathetic to you regarding the outcome of our surveillance. Unlike many private investigation companies we understand the devastating effect uncovering the truth can be.  We therefore can guide you in the right direction for free support and counselling should it be required.

We are upfront regarding our fees and highly competitive in the industry.


Please bear in mind that not all surveillance operations will uncover the news that you may want to hear.  You may be convinced that an individual is involved in an extra marital affair when in fact covert surveillance reveals something very different. 

All covert surveillance operations are carried out swiftly, discreetly and legelly. We will be transparent from the outset as to what the expected costs will be and will work with you to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.  We can provide reports to you many different ways and formats. We will never contact you without your prior consent.