Important Information and Conditions


Thank you for your enquiry.  It is important for you to understand that WE ARE NOT THE POLICE OR ANY FORM OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.   We are private investigators and therefore privately funded.   The results of our service are unpredictable and as a result we are unable to give refunds on our services as our work is both risky and time consuming.


By utilising our services, you agree and understand the following:


1. All quotes are valid for 24 hours.


2.Be clear exactly what information you require. We do not provide information that is regarded as excessive under the General Data Protection Regulations.


3. All invoices require prompt payment on receipt. Credit / Debit card payments are subject to an additional 3% fee. Late payments will incur a charge of £30.00 per week.


4.We require honesty and as much information as you can provide pertinent to the investigation. We are not responsible for duplicated information if you fail to disclose anything. Failing to disclose information or providing false information may result in your case being closed.


5.We will only provide information relating to the exact brief we have discussed and agreed. Any additional information or services you require can only be discussed once the original investigation is complete and invoice settled.


Any extra work you ask us to do will be charged at £55.00 per hour or part thereof.


Information cannot be disclosed until after final payments are made. This is standard practice and common sense.


6.Excess mileage (above the initial actions agreed) are chargeable at 50 pence per mile. Overnight charges £110.00.  First land registration search is free, subsequent searches charged at £20.00 per search.


7.Missing people, unless on bail or probation, have the right not to be found. We have a duty of care for both client and subject.  In the event of discovering any forms of restraining order including non-molestation orders or police protection details will not be disclosed, and the case file closed and handed over to the relevant authorities.


8.Missing people enhanced service is a no find no fee service. Payment is required up front and will be refunded if the individual is not found, however payment is still required if the individual is found to be deceased.


9.Background traces are never offered on a “no find no fee” arrangement, as the searches always incur charges to us and require lengthy computer work. However, we will report what we have found and what databases we have checked.


10. We do not offer any services for free. If your telephone calls start to become excessive, we will notify you and will charge £55.00 per hour or part thereof for any further calls after that date, as recorded by our provider.  We will update clients when we have information to disclose.


11. Wherever possible all images are 4K quality or 1080p (2K high resolution). On some occasions lower resolution may be used due to logistics and to remain covert. Any images sent to you during the investigation will be intentionally low resolution.  Full resolution images are available once final payment is made


12. Images will be time date stamped and may be in dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy format.


13. We are registered by the Information Commissioners Office and keep information securely. We keep images for 30 days after the final report.  We NEVER disclose information regarding a case to anyone other than the client. However, if the investigation results in a criminal investigation by the police, then all data and images will also be given to the investigating police authority and then removed from our database. 


14.Services such as (but not exclusive to) those listed below are strictly illegal and not something we undertake:


Vehicle Registration Number tracking

Telephone tracking / hacking

Social media hacking

iCloud hacking,

Messenger hacking and WhatsApp hacking, etc

Telephone “Tapping” or anything else that constitutes Trespass.

Photographing through windows into a private area

Searching through bins or property



If we feel it is appropriate, or you are persistent in wanting illegal services, your details will be handed to the police and your case closed without warning and any deposit retained.


15.We have the right to work in safety. We will not tolerate any forms of abuse, insults or threat and will report it to the police where appropriate. Your case will also be closed.


16.We have the right to end any covert work if we deem it unsafe or risky. It is imperative that you trust our judgment. We have a duty of care to all persons concerned.


17.Reports can take up to 7 days after the close of the investigation to compile due to the complexities and length of the report. On occasions we may run multiple investigations simultaneously and as such may be a delay in providing interim updates or responding to calls / emails.


18.We reserve the right to refuse commission of any work and close your case without refund.


19.We do not offer a personal counselling service.